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Real Estate Round Up


New Buildings

  • Boaz Gilad has filed to construct a new six-story 13-unit residential buiding at 322 Menahan Street (between Wyckoff and Irving Aves).  The property was purchased in July for $2,350,000.
  • The new owner of a single-family house at 690 Bushwick Ave (between Willoughby and Suydam) has filed to demolish the building and construct a new four-story eight-unit building.  The property was purchased in June for $810,000.
  • An application has been filed to construct a new four-story eight-unit residential building at 46 Melrose Street, between Broadway and Bushwick Ave.

Alterations & Renovations

  • An enlargement application has been filed for 30 Starr Street (between Central and Wilson), to convert the single-family house to a four-story building with eight dwelling units.  The architect is Charles Mallea.
  • The new owner of a three-story mixed-use building at 1353 Myrtle Ave (between Stockholm and Stanhope Streets) has filed to add a fourth floor and penthouse, and convert to six-family occupancy.  The property was purchased in May 2013 for $465,000.
  • The owner of a two-family house at 362 Menahan St (between Wyckoff & St. Nicholas Aves) has filed to enlarge the building and convert to four-family occupancy.  The property was purchased in May for $447,500.
  • An application has been filed to renovate the first floor of a two-family house at 60-09 69th Ave (between 60th St & 60th Ln).  The property was purchased in October 2010 for $100,000.
  • The new owner of 17-04 Madison Street (between Cypress and Seneca Aves) has filed to relocate partitions and plumbing fixtures in the six-family building, which was purchased in April for $756,000.  The site has a current Stop Work Order for work without a permit.
  • An alteration application has been filed with 18-12 George Street (between Seneca and Forest Aves) to relocate partitions and plumbing fixtures at the 3rd floor.  The property was purchased in 2012 for $629,000.
  • An application has been filed for 17-19 Gates Ave (between Cypress and Seneca Aves) to relocate partitions and plumbing fixtures.  The six-family building was purchased in May for $1,075,000.
  • The new owner of 16-87 Gates Avenue (between St. Nicholas and Cypress Aves) has filed to renovate the six-family house.  The property was purchased in March for $1,000,000.
  • A renovation application has been filed for 407 Himrod Street (between St. Nicholas and Cypress Aves).  The six-family house was purchased in April for $978,738 by the Ridgewood Realty Group.  The architect is Alexander Stoltz.
  • An application has been filed to renovate a six-family building at 314 Suydam Street (between Knickerbocker and Irving Aves).  The property was purchased in June for $1,000,000; the DOB application lists the Ridgewood Realty Group as owner.  The architect is Alexander Stoltz.
  • A renovation application has been filed for 263 Weirfield Street (between Wilson and Knickerbocker Aves).  The two-family house was purchased in February for $1,100,000.
  • An application has been filed to install a photovoltaic array on the roof of a single-family house at 91 Suydam Street (between Evergreen & Central Aves).


Eating & Drinking

  • Official Ridgefood Grocery Shopping Guide! (Ridgefood)
  • Commodore Chef Stephen Tanner to Serve Mexican Barbecue and Buckets of Fried Chicken at El Cortez … Maybe (Grub Street)
  • Forrest Point Has Softly Opened at Flushing/Forrest Triangle (Bushwick Daily)
  • This New Bushwick Bar Is The Most Literal Boobie Trap We’ve Ever Seen (Bedford+Bowery | Previously)
  • The Spot is Open in Ridgewood (Brownstoner)
  • Maybe Don’t Go To This Shady Restaurateur’s New Bushwick Diner (BK Mag)
  • Roberta’s Block Party is Not Happening This Year (Bushwick Daily)
  • Savoy Cafe and Grill Opens in Bushwick (Brownstoner)
  • Orleans Is Now Dressing Po’ Boys in Bushwick (Bedford+Bowery)
  • 100 Organic and Biodynamic Wines Coming to Bushwick Bar (DNAinfo)
  • A New Coffee Shop off the Halsey Stop (Bushwick Daily)
  • Montana’s Trail House Is Either ‘A Very Bad Place’ or ‘Something Pretty Special’ (Bedford+Bowery)
  • Andalucia Bar Lounge Opens in Bushwick (Brownstoner)
  • Exploring the Convergence of New York’s Culinary Past and Present in Ridgewood (Grub Street)


  • Catcalling is NOT Flattering: Why I Stopped Running in Bushwick (Bushwick Daily)
  • Welcome to Brooklyn, Linus McGentrifuck (DieHipster)
  • Gentrifier? Who, Me? Interrogating the Gentrifier in the Mirror (International Journal of Urban and Regional Research)
  • Reparations for Ferguson (The Atlantic)
  • Smiling Young White People Make App for Avoiding Black Neighborhoods (ValleyWag)
  • Tour of one heavily tattooed N.Y. neighborhood (Philly.com)
  • Moving Out of Brooklyn Because of High Prices (NYTimes)
  • How Outdated Parking Laws Price Families Out of the City (CityLab)
  • Architects Design Fix For New York’s Retro Parking Requirements (Architizer)
  • Mayday for the Planet: Climate Change Resistance in Bushwick (Indypendent)
  • 9 of 10 building plans fail NYC energy code (Crain’s)
  • Contractor brings hand grenades to 83rd Precinct (News 12)
  • Bill de Blasio says NYPD role is to ‘protect and respect’ (amNY)
  • Diabetic Brooklyn teen denied insulin after being falsely arrested on attempted murder charges (Daily News)

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Introducing the NRD Map


Are you interested in learning more about ongoing development in Bushwick and Ridgewood?  Check out the Wyckoff Heights Neighborhood Research / Development Map.

Developed in late 2012 as an internal research tool for WyckoffHeights.org, the NRD Map aggregates property data from multiple agencies.  Search applications for new buildings and renovations, see the locations of recent liquor license applications, view complaints for illegal construction or unlawful occupancy, and more.

If you notice something newsworthy or find any bugs (and there are a few), please let me know.




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Developers consider options for future “Morgantown Center”


In the year and a half since a proposed mall at Morgan and Bogart was announced, five alteration applications have been filed with the DOB for architectural and engineering work for the project.  To date none have been approved.

When news of the proposed development broke in late 2012 broker Massey Knakal told reporters that the owners were planning to turn the former factory building into a “grittier Chelsea Market”, with possible retail, entertainment, restaurant and nightlife tenants.  A hotel or hostel addition was also reportedly under consideration for the complex, which was to open in spring or summer of 2014.

DOB applications to date have only proposed subdividing the existing building, but renderings published on the architect’s website under the name Morgantown Center suggest that the developers are still reviewing options for a vertical enlargement.

Images for two schemes are shown, one with a seven-story tower addition, the other a two-story donut set on pilotis atop a hollowed-out base.  The intended occupancy is unclear - a hotel would be as-of-right while apartments or condos would require rezoning.  Though with the new administration floating “workforce housing in industrial areas”, a rezoning could be in the cards.





Renderings: Syndicate

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