Surveying Bushwick Brooklyn and Ridgewood Queens (and beyond)

Inside “Trip House”

(Photo: Brownstoner)

(Photo: Papermag)

From Papermag:

An enterprising group of individuals have miraculously persuaded the new owners of a grand old four-story, seven-bathroom, three-kitchen house in Bushwick to let them throw huge, wild parties on the property until the ultimate fate of the house is decided (i.e. torn down, or renovated and split into apartments). Throughout the fall, they’ve been promoting parties here, at the “Trip House,” catering to the Williamsburg/Bushwick underground art, music and slacker scene. We’ve heard many tales, and finally got a chance to check it out on Saturday, a party called “Gender Blender: Bring Ur Own Microgenre.”

(Some photos NSFW).

Update: For more information about the history of the house, check out this 2010 post on Brownstoner.com.

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